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Why Mindfulness for Children?

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A reason why mindfulness is so effective for children can be expressed by the way the early brain develops.    While our brains are continuously developing throughout our lives, connections in the prefrontal circuits are created at their quickest rate during childhood.  Therefore, Mindfulness can have a certain impact on the development of skills during childhood. It is this extra flexibility that creates the potential for meditation to have a profound impact on “Executive Functioning” in children.  The underlying principles of neuroscience suggest meditation can be very impactful on cognition when the brain is in its earliest stages of development. 

What are the benefits of Mindfulness for Children? 

   Documented in clinical research, here is a list of some benefits Mindfulness has for Children:


  • Improves Focus

  • Improved Academic Performance

  • Improves Sleep

  • Reduction in Depression

  • Lower’s Anxiety and Stress

  • Strengthens Self-Control 

  • Increases Positive Moods

  • Better Decision Making

  • Improves Social Skills and Communication

  • Increases Self-Esteem

  • Improves Emotional Regulation Skills

  • Improves Health and Body Image

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What will children learn from the 6-week mindfulness course I offer? 

  • Learning and encouraging an awareness of their outer and inner worlds

  • Incorporating the attitudes of mindfulness in their daily life

  • Learning the ability to control or inhibit automatic/impulsive responses and to create skilled, mindful responses/reactions

  • Learning how to separate themselves from their thoughts

  • Developing an awareness of unhelpful/negative thinking patterns and how to develop more helpful/positive thinking patterns 


      The six week course broken down for primary school children:


      Week one - Understanding You

      Week two - “Playing” Attention

      Week three - Lizard Brain v Smart Brain

      Week four - I Care, You Care, We Care

      Week five - Meet the Attitude Monsters

      Week six - Tuning In and Letting Go

      The six week course broken down for secondary school children:

      Week one - Remember You Are Only Human

      Week two - Paying Attention in a Particular Way

      Week three - The Science Behind Mindfulness

      Week four - Loving Kindness

      Week five - The Seven Attitudes of Mindfulness

      Week six - Paying Attention to the Present in a Particular Way without Judgement

         What are the advantages of booking a 6-week informal group course or an individual 1:1 children’s mindfulness course with me? 


       The advantages of producing individual mindfulness audio recordings for your children are: 


  • No cost to you

  • Flexibility to meet needs of individual children and different age groups

  • Reproducing the meditation so your children can enjoy the same experience anytime, anywhere

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